Do you know someone considering law school?  Shouldibealawyer.com can help prospective law students determine if law school might be a good fit before money is spent on the prep courses, the LSAT, applications and tuition. Shouldibealawyer.com also helps students focus their studies of practice areas that fit best for their individual mindset and traits. Visit Shouldibealawyer.com for more details.

Does your current job as an attorney feel like the wrong fit? AttorneyAssessment.com uses data from one of the largest attorney trait studies ever conducted to match your traits to practicing attorneys that enjoy their practice areas. Visit AttorneyAssessment.com for details. 

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  • Legal Trait Analysis – Quickly shows you all 22 traits measured in the Sheffield Legal Assessment and how your scores compare to the averages for the thousands of (and growing) attorneys in our database.
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Welcome to the JD Match Attorney Assessment, Powered by The Right Profile!

You have the power to help make the process of legal education and life as an attorney a little bit easier for others that will follow you on the road to becoming a lawyer and practicing law. Learning more about you will help us determine what makes lawyers different from one practice area to the next. Leveraging our understanding of thousands of attorneys will help guide individual law students with course selection and young attorneys in selecting which practice settings might fit best for them. This information will help law firms better mentor, utilize and retain their people, making for stronger firm cultures and more enjoyable workplaces. Together, we can do a lot to help the legal profession, but it all starts with you, now.

What’s in it for you?

First of all, you’ll immediately get a detailed report profiling your distinctive characteristics in the traits that are […]

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