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Attend the Inaugural Attorney Assessment Certification & User Summit

Never be surprised by another student’s questions (at least as it relates to The Right Profile’s Attorney Assessment).  This two-day certification course will help you gain the foundational knowledge you need to leverage The Right Profile’s Attorney Assessment in your everyday counseling and coaching activities.

This course dives into the research and science behind type assessments, the Sheffield Legal Assessment and the Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP) as well as the reasons that we leverage insight from all three assessments to give you the most holistic view of your students and attorneys.  We also integrate findings from The Right Profile’s extensive and ongoing research into attorney traits into the training session and discuss the multiple trait profiles of success and happiness as they relate to student and attorney growth and development. Lastly, our team will explore the intricacies the Attorney Assessment reports and the management console.

What we will cover:

  • The value of the type assessments to better understand attorneys, and the limitations that MBTI has with this population
  • How to find a better fit type match using Personality Wizard.
  • The need for the Sheffield Legal Assessment, the research behind its creation and the analytics that drive much of The Right Profile’s Attorney Assessment.
  • The history of the TAP and its use in professional sports and the corporate world, and how we use it in the Attorney Assessment.
  • Better understanding your students using Cognitive Superpower, Engagement Styles, Visual Type, Legal Trait Analysis,  Distinctive Qualities, Mindset Indicators and Mentoring Insights.
  • Helping your students and attorneys better understand their particular talents and how to use them every day.
  • Networking with other law school counselors, talent development professionals  and coaches, and establishing a community of Attorney Assessment certified professionals.

Who Should Attend?

This program is geared toward all legal career professionals who advise law students and lawyers, including

  • law school career counselors
  • law firm and legal department talent development professionals
  • independent business development and career coaches.
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