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Leverage the Largest Online Database of Performance Trait Profiles for Law

  • The Right Profile’s, Attorney Assessment: The only assessment built specifically for use with attorneys.

  • The Right Profile: The only company in law that is routinely used to help guide multi-million dollar hiring decisions and talent development.

Use Real Attorney Trait Data to Build More Effective Teams

Thousands of lawyers have taken the Attorney Assessment since its launch in 2014.  Many took it as part in our sponsored Attorney Trait Study and others took it (and continue to take it) as part of a service subscribed to by the law firm or organization for which they work.

These results, combined with each individual lawyer’s provided work setting history, law practice areas and corresponding satisfaction with each, contributed to the development of hundreds of lawyer profiles. Our profiles are both general (which profiles are generally successful and happy in law) and specific (which profiles show high satisfaction with specific work settings and law practice areas).

With these profiles in place, we are able to instantly run an analysis of attorney results from the Attorney Assessment to measure one’s match or “fit” to each profile relating to various aspects of a career in law.  The Right Profile’s patent-pending talent analytics engine can scientifically predict a candidate’s propensity for a successful and satisfying career in law and even suggest work settings and law practice areas that are a good fit.

More details about the process of creating these profiles is available in our white paper, Assessing Lawyer Traits and Finding a Fit for Success.

Click to see a live report. Reporting can be customized for separate attorney, mentor and management reports.

Develop Your Existing Talent Pool

Developing and keeping top talent has always been important for leading law firms, but this goal is getting harder as the war for talent heats up and every firm looks to grow its business through lateral hiring.

Since law firms spend hundreds of thousands to get talented attorneys to join a firm, it makes sense to spend less than one billable hour on identifying performance traits that relate to cultural and practice area fit.

Few useful tools have been available to help law firm professional development staff, until now. We provide the tools that you need to help improve your interactions with your attorneys, help build business and maximize your professional development budget.

The Right Profile can help you get more out of your coaching dollars by prioritizing your spending and focusing activities where you may get the best return on your investment.

Our system uses our proprietary, custom built assessment for lawyers and then uses data from your firm and thousands of attorneys that have already taken this assessment and the same algorithms that we use to help professional sports teams make multi-million dollar draft decisions and improve the coaching and development of their players.

The Right Profile is now offering law firms the same types of tools that help our World Champion sports clients hire, manage and develop their talent. We help you build championship teams and create environments in which attorneys thrive.

We help you build your own talent pipeline, just like our professional sports clients, so that your business continues to grow with your people.

“It was fantastic! Best teambuilding/profile work I’ve been a part of.”
Lisa M. Simon, Chief Client Development Officer Lathrop & Gage
“Our people are our competitive advantage. The Right Profile will help us continue to improve in ways we were unable to without that tool, which will further enhance our growing business.”
M. Shaun McGaughey, Executive Vice President, Koley Jessen (60 attorneys)

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