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  • Allows one to instantly understand the individual’s characteristics that are most distinctive from the norm. In other words, what makes this individual “stand out” from other attorneys. This knowledge is useful to the individual for better self awareness . It is also useful for organizations in hiring, team selection, managing and interacting with the individual.Distinctive Qualities
  • Visualization makes it easier to understand how individuals and groups most naturally make decisions and behave. This helps individuals with self awareness and helps others understand what they can expect from the individual. This can be particularly helpful when comparing an individual’s Visual Type to a group’s Visual Type to determine if the individual can help fill gaps or deficits in the group’s natural go-to behaviors.Visual Type & Go-To Behaviors
  • Provides personalized guidance for ten common “at work” scenarios. This guidance is written to be helpful for both individuals and their manager or colleagues. For each scenario, this section provides a personalized advisory narrative. It also includes topics that will be an “Energizer” or “Stressor” for the individual as well as including a scenario-related strength and weakness. Finally, this section includes a personalized tip for the individual on how to perform best in the scenario.At Work Guidance
  • Individuals gain self awareness on their professional style and how others likely perceive them. Managers & colleagues gain deep insights on the individual’s professional style leading to more effective interactions with and utilization of the individual.Four Styles of Working as a Lawyer
  • We all want to know how we compare to our peers, and this section helps individual attorneys understand how they differ from other lawyers, helping them to avoid biases created through assumptions of "everyone thinks like me…" For firm management, it outlines which trait(s) an individual differs from the firm’s trait norms, and in what way the individual differs.Legal Trait Analysis
  • This section shows how the assessed individual compares to the trait patterns of thousands of attorneys in our database who report high career satisfaction. Our listing of practice areas and settings and how each one fits with an individual’s mental makeup will help determine what career choices may fit best with the individual’s personality. This section also details the core traits for each legal practice area listed and which traits are most distinctive, based upon our global data, for each area. From there, we detail your most similar and most different traits so that you can understand how you might fit in and where friction points might exist.Legal Career Satisfaction & Detailed Analysis
  • This section measures an individual’s mental similarity or “fit” with a group. If one measures similar to the group, that could be labeled a “High Satisfaction” since the individual will likely think and behave similar to the group. Conversely, if one measures dissimilar to the group, that could be labeled a “Low Satisfaction” as the individual would likely think and behave differently than the group. Satisfaction Scoring
  • Forecasts an individual’s future performance in both objective business metrics (dollars sold, hours billed, realization rates, etc.) and subjective ratings (overall performance rating, business development rating, citizenship / leadership rating, etc). These can be customized to the success criteria important to the overall organization or specific sub-groups. These forecasted metrics are calculated by our patent-pending performance prediction engine based upon Champion Assessment results and supplied performance data on the organization’s employees.Performance Prediction
  • This is a list of distinctive behavior indicators relating to personality characteristics and mental aptitude.Mindset Indicators
  • Effective interaction often takes time to build trust and understand what methods work best with each individual. This section provides a shortcut, allowing you to speed up your effectiveness with new individuals based upon your knowledge of more well-known colleagues with similar mental mindset and traits.Organization Matching
  • Access to tool-set used by professional teams to identify preferred athletes based upon custom team ratings and preferencesPredictive Analytics
  • This section, written for the assessed individual’s mentors, managers and coaches, provides detailed insights and suggested activities for most effectively working with and developing the individual in six behavioral categories: Personal - Inner makeup Relationships - Social stye Motivational - Interests Mental Characteristics Work Habits PerformanceMentoring Insight & Suggested Activities
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All firm-wide subscriptions include unlimited hiring reports (including testing and reports for all lateral and law school candidates that you would like to include) and all management and development reports. Beyond the firm-wide subscription pricing listed above, a one-year trial subscription plan is available to firms for $200 per assessment with a minimum initial purchase of 50 assessments. Trial subscriptions are a great first step for firms and allow assessment of practice groups or other firm samples and even full use of our Attorney Assessment for candidate evaluation.

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