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Your Students Have Lots of Questions and
Many Potentially Unrealistic Expectations

The simple truth is that most students have no idea what practice areas or practice settings might be a good fit for them.  Without guidance, law students will have little focus in their studies and even less in their career.  That lack of focus increases the likelihood that a student will not have a long, successful career in law, and that potential for alumni dissatisfaction affects you and the school as a whole.

Georgetown University Law“I’ve sampled the assessment and think it’s the best resource of its kind that I’ve come across. I’d encourage you to sample it for yourself, and to share with students you think might benefit from the assessment.”

– Robert Cacace  Associate Director, Office of Career Services, Georgetown University Law Center

Students Find Their Best Fit Based On Traits from Happy, Working Attorneys

Your Students Can Leverage Data from Thousands of Attorneys to Find Their Best Fit for Their Career in Law.  Instantly.

Few tools have been available to help guide law students, until now.  We provide the tools that your career services staff needs to help your students find their best fit for a happy, prosperous legal career.  Our system uses our proprietary, custom built assessment for lawyers and then uses data from thousands of attorneys that have already taken this assessment and the same algorithms that we use to help organizations make multi-million dollar hiring decisions and improve the coaching and development of their employees.

The resulting report, delivered immediately after completing the 40 minute assessment, uses people-centric science to profile the student’s distinctive qualities in the traits that are most important to practicing law.  The report will immediately tell your student his or her best fit in the legal profession, including practice areas and practice settings, which traits make him or her a good fit for specific areas, and which traits may continue to cause friction.

mckinney“The report is great- a lot more depth than I expected, and the action items are awesome.”

– Sarah Correll, Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

What You’ll See In Our Career Longevity Report

Click below to see a sample report from a real attorney that took our assessment (we changed her name to protect her identity).  She focuses her law practice on corporate law, mergers & acquisitions and venture capital.  As shown in our report, she looks a lot like the other attorneys that are satisfied with their work in this area of the law.

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Law School Subscriptions

We offer organizational-level subscriptions to law schools that would like to provide our assessments and reports to their law students and alumni on a school-wide basis.

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Sample Law Student Report
Sample Career Services Staff Report
Sample Career Services Mentoring Report

Attorney Assessment: Why It Works

Plenty of personality assessments can tell you about your attributes. Only the Attorney Assessment from The Right Profile measures all the relevant underlying traits and compares each one of them to our proprietary database of thousands of practicing attorneys.

Attorney Assessment measures 22 traits that were identified through extensive academic research and focus groups with attorneys, law firms and other legal employers to be critical to success in the business and practice of law.  Additionally, it examines eight cognitive functions to  one’s mindset and behavioral preferences.  The assessment is taken online and takes 30-40 minutes to complete.  The results are immediately available upon completion in the form of the All About You, Career Guidance and Career Longevity reports and can be accessed online in the future through a secure login.

Thousands of lawyers have taken the Attorney Assessment since its launch in 2014.  Many took it as part in our sponsored Attorney Trait Study and others took it (and continue to take it) as part of a service subscribed to by the law firm or organization for which they work.

We also offer subscriptions to Pre-Law College Advisors, Career Consultants, Undergraduate institutions, Bar Associations and other organizations that would like to help their students or members find their fit in law. Information on these subscriptions can also be obtained by  please completing the form below.

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