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If you are or were an attorney, you have the power to help make the process of legal education and life as an attorney a little bit easier for others that choose to follow you on the road to becoming a lawyer and practicing law. Even if you are not an attorney, your participation will still help.  Read our press release here.  And updated press release with initial survey results here.

Learning more about you will help us determine which personality traits and trait patterns make lawyers different from everyone else and even from one practice area to the next.  Leveraging the results of this study will enable us to help college students determine if a career in law is a good fit for their personality; And, for those that choose to pursue law school, we will be able to identify which practice areas and employment settings for which they are best suited. Provided early enough, this information can also assist law students with course selection and summer employment choices that correspond to their matched practice areas and settings.  Finally, results from this study will help law firms better mentor, utilize and retain their people, making for more cohesive firm cultures and more enjoyable workplaces.

Together, we can do a lot to help the legal profession, and it all starts with you, now.

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What’s in it for you?

First of all, you’ll immediately get a detailed report

This report profiles your distinctive characteristics in the traits that are most important to practicing law, and details how you compare to the collective norm of attorneys across the country in each measured trait.  You can use these results to understand your own strengths and how you might play to them.  You will also receive our Legal Career Insights report ranking practice areas and work settings that are best suited for your unique mental makeup.

Second, we can help improve your interactions with clients and colleagues

Your report gives advice based upon your personality, and can help you build on your existing skills and even help focus your business development efforts so that you maximize your results with the limited time that you have to devote to these efforts.

The survey is short – and should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

There are no right or wrong answers – just be sure to answer the questions quickly, honestly and in one sitting as you cannot save your answers along the way.   You will receive your results the moment you are done, including how you compare to thousands of attorneys in the key traits that define lawyers and their practices.

Who is behind this?

This instrument, the Sheffield Legal Assessment, is the first online trait assessment purpose-built for the legal profession.  It was developed by The Right Profile (known for their work with professional sports teams) and a team of psychologists in Chicago.  It is based on methodologies and technology that have been in use for years and have been proven effective in a variety of industries, including business consulting, professional sports and the military. Additionally, both JD Match (known for connecting law firms with candidates in an orderly, efficient way unavailable anywhere else) and Adam Smith Esq. (a provider of high-end consulting services to law firms and the legal profession globally) are sponsoring this study.


Your results are completely confidential – they will not be shared with your firm or anyone else unless you specifically share them (either through the link in your report or by sending them through PDF, print or otherwise).  All data in the study is also aggregated, so we just see the traits and your demographics anonymously for research purposes.

So what are you waiting for?

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