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Who Needs Help Mapping Out Their Legal Career?


“From day one—and even sooner—even the youngest associate at a law firm should have a specific individual career plan in mind.  If you wake up at year six and start to think about your career in the law, you have waited far, far too long.” 

– Chief Talent Officer Officer of a 3800+ lawyer firm, as quoted in Making Partner – Or Not, Law Practice Magazine (ABA Publications) (2009)

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Take the Attorney Assessment and learn the best fit for your legal career based upon your individual mindset & personality traits.

Does your current job as an attorney feel like the wrong fit?

The simple truth is that unless you take control of your legal career early in your career (or, better yet, during law school), your career will control you.  Without guidance and planning, the vast majority of attorneys end up in practice groups determined by the needs of their first employers as opposed to the attorney’s personal interests.  Since many young attorneys and law students don’t know what might be a good fit for them, anywhere seems alright for a while.  But your best career fit may not be obvious to you.

We can help. The Right Profile’s Attorney Assessment uses data from one of the largest attorney trait studies ever conducted and and the same algorithms that we use to help professional sports teams make multi-million dollar draft decisions.

Add it up, and you have probably spent roughly a quarter of your life so far and tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars getting to this point in your career. Given such a significant investment, don’t leave your career to chance. Take control and find the best fit for your legal career.

Report packages are available for as little as $29, and are offered in three levels:

All About You

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  • What are your top traits? Your employers will want to know and you should, too. This report package answers the classic interview question of “what sets you apart from all the other candidates applying for this position.” We focus on your distinctive traits and how you can use these personal characteristics to your advantage.

    Your report includes:

    • Legal Trait Analysis – Quickly shows you all 22 traits measured in the Attorney Assessment and how your scores compare to the averages for the thousands of (and growing) attorneys in our database.
    • Distinctive Qualities – This section comes from the Attorneyl Assessment and quickly tags your most identifying characteristics (where you differ the most from the collective norm) as compared to our attorney database.
    • Visual Type & Go-To Behaviors – This is a visual model of Carl Jung’s Psychological Types showing that each person uses all eight behaviors. Two are your dominant and supporting Go-To Behaviors. Visual Type provides a visual guide to the predictive use and accessibility of each behavior and an instantly recognizable way to see differences between people.
    • Cognitive Superpower – Your dominant Go-to Behavior is your Superpower, one that is fast, easy to use, and you may not even know that you have it or use it.

Career Guidance

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  • Designed for current law students and new attorneys, this report includes all materials in the All About You report and adds the following sections to help you determine the practice areas and settings that best fit with your individual mental makeup.

    Your report includes the All About You report and the following:

    • Legal Career Fit – This section shows how you compare to the trait patterns of attorneys that report high career satisfaction. Our listing of practice areas and settings and how each one fits with your individual mental makeup will help you determine what career choices may fit best with your individual personality. 
    • Detailed Fit Analysis – This section also details the core traits for each legal practice area listed and which traits are most distinctive, based upon our global data, for each area. From there, we detail your most similar and most different traits so that you can understand how you might fit in and where friction points might exist.

Career Longevity

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  • Would you like to improve your relationships at work and better interact with your colleagues, boss and those reporting to you? Given that all of these relationships lie at the heart of your overall job performance and longevity, who wouldn’t want to make these improvements.

    Your report includes the All About You report, Career Guidance and the following:

    • Four Styles as a Working Lawyer – Understanding your own working style is often the first step to better relationships with your coworkers and understanding your roles in a team environment. This section details your approach to thinking, working, motivation and business development.
    • At Work Guidance – This section gives you tips about how to improve interactions with your colleagues, managers and subordinates at work.  Tips include specific details about your energizers and stressors in specific work situations, and tips for better communication, management and personal growth.

You’re Here Because You Have Questions. We Have Your Answers.

Law school is an expensive proposition, and one that can be a great investment for many people.  Multiple surveys, however, show as many as half of all lawyers wouldn’t enter the profession if they had it to do over and many more wouldn’t recommend a career as a lawyer to their children.  So how do you get the most out of your legal career now that it is already underway?  We can help you figure out your best fit in law, based upon proprietary data from thousands of attorneys and the same algorithms that we use to help professional sports teams make multi-million dollar draft decisions and improve the coaching and development of their players.

Leverage Data from Thousands of Attorneys to Find Your Best Fit for Your Career in Law.  Instantly.

The Right Profile, sponsors of the largest ongoing study of attorney traits, invites you to visualize and plan your future in the legal field by taking the Attorney Assessment and comparing your results to sophisticated trait data sets from thousands of practicing attorneys who have already taken this assessment.

The resulting report, delivered immediately after completing the 40 minute assessment, profiles your distinctive qualities in the traits that are most important to practicing law.  Your report will immediately tell you your best fit in the legal profession, including practice areas and practice settings, what traits make you a good fit for specific areas, and what traits may continue to cause friction.

Here is an example of what you’ll see in the Career Longevity report

Click below to see a sample report from a real attorney that took our assessment (we changed his name to protect his identity).  He focuses his law practice on corporate law, mergers & acquisitions and venture capital.  As shown in our report, he looks a lot like the other attorneys that are satisfied with their work in this area of the law.



Here is a second sample report from an attorney that spent a couple of years practicing before finding a career outside of law firm life. He is happier now, and would have known years earlier had attorneyassessment.com been available when he was starting his legal career. Read his report.

You need to make a good decision, and this is the only assessment that can provide this attorney profile data.

How It Works

Download our white paper Assessing Lawyer Traits and Finding a Fit for Success.

The Attorney Assessment measures 22 traits that were identified through extensive academic research and focus groups with law firms and other legal employers to be critical to success in the business and practice of law.  Additionally, it examines 8 cognitive functions to learn one’s mindset and behavioral preferences.  The assessment is taken online and takes 30-minutes to complete.  The results are immediately available upon completion in the form of the Should I Be A Lawyer report and can be accessed online in the future through a secure login.

Thousands of lawyers have taken the Attorney Assessment since its launch in 2014.  Many took it as part in our sponsored Attorney Trait Study and others took it (and continue to take it) as part of a service subscribed to by the law firm or organization for which they work.  These results, combined with each individual lawyer’s provided work setting history, law practice areas and corresponding satisfaction with each, contributed to the development of dozens of lawyer profiles.  Our profiles are both general (which profiles are generally successful and happy in law, and vice-versa) and specific (which profiles show high satisfaction with specific work settings and law practice areas).  More details about the process of creating these profiles is available in our white paper, Assessing Lawyer Traits and Finding a Fit for Success.

With these profiles in place, we are able to instantly run an analysis of your results on the Attorney Assessment to measure your match or “fit” to each profile relating to various aspects of a career in law.  The Right Profile’s patent-pending talent analytics engine can scientifically predict your propensity for a successful and satisfying career in law and even suggest work settings and law practice areas that are a good fit for you.

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The Choice is Yours

Law school is an expensive decision and one that could lead you to a very rewarding and long-term career. You may also be one of thousands of lawyers in any given year who will be looking to make a career change.  Either way, you should know if you are a good fit BEFORE you start.


About Attorney Assessment

This instrument, the Attorney Assessment, is the first online trait assessment purpose-built for the legal profession.  It was developed by The Right Profile (known for their work with professional sports teams) and a team of psychologists in Chicago.  It is based on methodologies and technology that have been in use for years and have been proven effective in a variety of industries, including business consulting, professional sports and the military. Your results are completely confidential – they will not be shared with anyone else unless you specifically do so.


We guarantee your time will be well spent.

After assessing thousands of lawyers, we guarantee our accuracy or your money back.

If you believe your report is not an accurate, comprehensive assessment of you and your skill set as a potential lawyer, we will refund your money. In fact, we will refund your money for any reason – you only need to tell us why the report did not meet your needs within 7 days from your purchase and let us know how to improve it.

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