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Attorney Assessment has created a robust online tool engineered to work specifically for your law school. Every student, counsellor, instructor, and staff member (and even alumni) can use all of it.
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Our pricing is Pay-What-You-Can to a minimum of $500. When you sign-up your school or institution, you tell us what your budget will allow, and that’s what you’ll pay.

We are proudly Pay-What-You-Can* for educational institutions

School Recommended Pricing

Recommended Pricing set by number of 1L students

Your schools annual license includes all first year students AND all students in each year, counselors, staff, and any interested instructors. Additionally, you are licensed and encouraged to use it with alumni students who are requesting assistance.

* Minimum of $500 with Pay-What-You-Can

Less than 150

  • Including Teachers & Staff


  • Including Teachers & Staff


  • Including Teachers & Staff


  • Including Teachers & Staff


  • Including Teachers & Staff

More than 500

  • Including Teachers & Staff
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Attorney Assessment Features

Assessment & Reporting

  • Assessment purpose-built for law and validated with thousands of attorneys.

  • Same analytics used to improve coaching and hiring decisions in law firms and multiple Fortune 1000 companies.

  • Reports designed to help law students succeed in both school and in the workplace.

  • Legal trait analysis showing comparison of 22 traits measured by the Attorney Assessment and how are you compare to thousands of other attorneys.

  • Multiple psychological models are measured and leveraged for additional insight and ease-of-use.

  • Students are allowed and encouraged to retake the assessment each year.

  • Easy to understand, actionable reports, self-directed activities, and detailed online documentation.

Additional Features in Student and Staff Reports

  • Practice Area Guidance based upon satisfaction data from thousands of attorneys and one of the largest attorney trait studies ever conducted.

  • Work Setting Guidance – including law firms, in-house, government, educational, and other settings – and even fit by size of organization.

  • Reports designed for other staff and departments at the Law School including: Student Affairs, Academic Achievement, Resident Assistance, and Mentoring programs.

  • Integrated self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-development tools to help students understand their natural talents and find a good alignment between strengths, values, type of work, and work setting.

Additional Features Exclusively in Staff Reports

  • Individualized mentoring notes, coaching tips, and mindset indicators.
  • Multiple report options allowing different sets of reports and content for 1L, 2L, and 3L students.

Career Guidance Reports

The career guidance reports are delivered immediately after completing the Attorney Assessment, and use people-centric science to profile student’s distinctive qualities in the traits that are most important to practicing law.

Sample Law Student Report Chapters
Sample Career Services Staff Report
Sample Career Services Mentoring Report
See How We Break Up Reports By School Year

Other Essential Reports

We also include additional essential reports, that round out students’ full life – which we know effects their ability to do well in school. We have available reports for:

  • Success in School
  • Success at Work
  • Success in Communication

  • Success in Relationships
  • Managing Stress
  • Increasing Happiness

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