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Whether you represent a law school, a law firm, are in pre-law, or a practicing lawyer, we have an option for you.  Attorney Assessment has created a robust tool, that can assist a single individual, small and large  teams, and entire schools.
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Law Schools

Our solution for Law Schools is here for the career counselors working with their students to help them enjoy a long, successful career in law.

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Law Firms

Law Firms have come to trust Attorney Assessment helping them hire and keep top talent attorneys that match their cultural and practice area.

I’m with a law firm


We offer this in partnership with Law School Transparency, who makes entry to the legal profession more transparent, affordable, and fair.

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Are you a practicing lawyer looking to use Attorney Assessment for yourself? Visit Law School Transparency to discover how you can gain access.

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  • Send Assessment to ALL students and faculty
  • Premium Student Report with all expanded report sections
  • Premium Counselor report with ALL report sections
  • Full Branding on Assessment and Reports
  • Create groups and customize invite links
  • See if student took the assessment
  • Practice Area specific information
  • Custom Assessment Introduction and Closing Message
  • Report Introduction Customization
  • Customize Reports with access to ALL report sections.
  • Create unlimited new reports
  • Edit name and description of Assessment

Attorney Assessment Features

Assessment & Reporting

  • Assessment purpose-built for law and validated with thousands of attorneys.

  • Same analytics used to improve coaching and hiring decisions in professional sports, law firms, and multiple Fortune 1000 companies.

  • Reports with distinctive qualities, cognitive superpowers, and engagement styles.
  • Legal trait analysis showing comparison of all 22 traits measured by the Attorney Assessment and how are you compare to thousands of other attorneys.

  • Always predicted results of MBTI for additional insight and ease-of-use.
  • No need to retake assessment to unlock additional insight in premium reports.
  • Easy to understand, actionable reports and 24/7 online help.

Additional Features in Student and Staff Reports

  • Practice area guidance based upon satisfaction data from thousands of attorneys and one of the largest attorney trait studies ever conducted.

  • Practice Setting Guidance – including law firms, in-house, government, educational, and other settings – and even fit by size of organization.
  • At-Work Guidance to improve interactions with colleagues, managers, and teams

  • Integrated career planner to help understand your natural talents and find a good alignment between your strengths, values, type of work, and work setting.

Additional Features Exclusively in Staff Reports

  • Individualized mentoring notes, coaching tips, and mindset indicators.
  • Multiple report options allowing different content sets for 1L, 2L, and 3L students.

The Career Guidance Reports

The career guidance reports are delivered immediately after completing the Attorney Assessment, and use people-centric science to profile student’s distinctive qualities in the traits that are most important to practicing law.

Sample Law Student Report
Sample Career Services Staff Report
Sample Career Services Mentoring Report

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